Vanilla and Peanut Butter Protein Bowl

Vanilla and Peanut Butter Protein Bowl

Protein remains my favourite way to start the day for a number of reasons. Having been in a “fast” for 6-8 hours (or more) since our last meal, breakfast is, in my opinion, vital in dictating how the rest of the day goes. From energy, hunger and even mood levels, a healthy breakie really can make or break your diet and in turn your ability to build the foundations of the healthy lifestyle from…

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August Fashion Round Up

August Fashion Round Up

I have come across two fantastic brands this summer that I can’t get enough of and are taking social media, and rightly so, by storm!

legging-leah-texaswildcat-04-500x500The first is Posto9. This fabulous sportswear company is loved by fitness models and bloggers, with an ever growing fan base, thanks to their vibrant and constantly changing selection of fabrics. What makes Posto9 unique, is their use of Brazilian lycra. With a one…

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CLA – training, lean muscle, body fat, & how it may favourably reduce breast cancer risks.

My family appear to be victims of cancer infused genetics. As far back as my father’s great grandfather death from cancer is prevalent.

CLA – training, lean muscle, body fat, & how it may favourably reduce breast cancer risks.

My family appear to be victims of cancer infused genetics. As far back as my father’s great grandfather death from cancer is prevalent.

The Comparison Trap & How To Avoid It

The Comparison Trap & How To Avoid It

comparison “Comparison is the thief of joy”

This quote could not be more true if it tried. Why do we do it? Why do we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others.It is one of THE most destructive behaviours that you can do. Trust me I know. I used to live it every day and really struggled with this in the past. I used to compare myself to everyone and everything. Resulting in me suffering with low…

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Almond & Apricot Cookies

Almond & Apricot Cookies

Apricot and almond – a classic combination, and one that I was reminded of whilst flicking through one of the (extremely) vast collection of cookbooks my Mum has collected over the years. Having regained my love for baking – albeit in a rather healthier way in comparison to a few years ago – her books are where I will often have my nose buried, finding inspiration for different techniques,…

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Food Prep With Krissy’s Kitchen

Food Prep With Krissy’s Kitchen

Since my journey began, the keys to my successes I believe have been my food prep. To reach my athletic goals or to be able to manipulate my body for changes has depended on 100% compliance in all areas… You will hear 80% Nutrition 20% training etc. but it takes 100% compliancy in all areas, Nutrition, Training and Recovery. It’s about achieving a sustainable balance of eating the correct…

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7 tips for avoiding sugary afternoon treats

7 tips for avoiding sugary afternoon treats

Mixed pastries

It’s one of the hardest social situations to resist, a homemade birthday cake or some red velvet muffins baked by your wannabe Great British Bake Off colleague. Strategically pulled out at precisely 3:42pm when you are at your most venerable and are feeling like you need an energy boost, sugary treats in the office can de-rail healthy efforts very easily.

If you find you succumb more often than…

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Black Bean Fudge Brownies

Black Bean Fudge Brownies @

This is a delicious moist brownie recipe that takes minutes to put together and tastes incredible, if I do say so myself! Using black beans gives the brownies a wonderfully dense, fudgy consistency for those that love a bit of goo ! Furthermore, the beans add extra fibre and up the protein content,  as well as being low GI, rather than the traditional white flour – sugar combo. I have included Cr…

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Social Support

When working with my clients, one of my major focus points on coaching always leans towards social support, this is generally one of the major limiting factors with the majority of my clients. So what is Social Support?



Social Support can be taken in different forms but primarily the term means having friends and other people including family, to turn to in times of need or crisis to give…

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To Juice or Not to Juice - that is the question?

To Juice or Not to Juice – that is the question?


(my views on the Nutri Bullet)

You should start the day with a green juice?
Sound familiar? Do you live by this rule?
The question is should you? Is it vitally important? Does it really make that much difference, and does the time of day that you have it change anything?
Vegetables and fruit cannot tell the time (I don’t think!) seasons maybe, day and night perhaps, but not standard 24hr clock…

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Our summer of sport has recently climaxed with the fantastic Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Watching our sporting heroes and legends has likely inspired us to get outside and get active. What is more, with the Tour de France commencing in Yorkshire this year, and watching the spectacular Track Cycling at the games, cycling is having an “in” moment and I am all for it. My personal love affair with my…

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The Journey Of A Life Time

The Journey Of A Life Time

I came across Krissy on Instagramand was in awe of her food preparation skills. I mean, this woman’s dedication to meal prep is like nothing I have ever come across! In awe of her organisational skills, I got in touch, and was blown away by Krissy’s remarkable story. This was not a woman that was life’s naturally slim, efficiently eaters, that just breezed through life with an affinity for…

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Food Chemistry - combinations that aid digestion, absorption and consequently gains!

Food Chemistry – combinations that aid digestion, absorption and consequently gains!

2014-06-26 20.45.00                       20140612_165609

Digestive Chemistry
Proteins are broken down into simpler substances in prep for entering blood stream. They are broken down into various AA’s, simple sugars and fats are broken down into fatty acids.
Regards the practical application of food combining principles, begin in the mouth with the release of enzymes which begin the breakdown process. There is an enzyme released…

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CLT: Chorizo, Lettuce and Tomato Salad

CLT: Chorizo, Lettuce and Tomato Salad

This simple salad was inspired by a Jamie Oliversofa session this weekend and some beautiful homegrown tomatoes from my Godfather’s garden. In some ways this is the perfect update to the classic BLT combo. Using picante chorizo, beautifully ripe cherry tomatoes and every fit foodies favourite, kale, to create the monster of all summer salads perfect for any hungry belly and certainly man friendly!

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Why I Hate the Term “Real Women”

Why I Hate the Term “Real Women”

Real women have curves.

Real men like curves, only dogs like bones.

Real women don’t wear size 6.

Real women look like Beyonce.

These are some of the “motivational” posts I’ve seen on social media lately. Shocking, aren’t they? Take a moment to read them and maybe, just maybe, you’ll feel the anger start to spread, exactly like I did.

The term “real women” has been bandied about in the media…

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